Hi, there! Let me explain what happens here at the Mariah Brewer Headquarters!

I specialize in creative writing guides and B2C content for lifestyle and creative writing blogs. For writers, I offer in-depth, but easy guides on how to write creatively. And for businesses, I offer B2C blog posts for your writing product or service.

I want to provide content that both:

1. helps bring aspiring writers and businesses together.

2. and allows them to reach their goals.

For Writers:

  • Guides on how to write and organize your work.
  • Tips on how to start and stay consistent, finally creating that work hiding in you.
  • Lists of tools and publishers to help you reach your goals.

For businesses:

  • Simple but interesting content to attract readers.
  • SEO content that’ll engage and generate leads.
  • Strategic, organized content to turn those leads to customers.

If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, have a peek below at some of my work!

I create content such as:

3 Things Stopping You from Writing (and How to Start Now!)

These are some examples that you can check out in my portfolio or blog.

Contact me so I can help your business reach eager writers’ hands.

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Results & Benefits:

⦁ For writers, digestible and in-depth guides on inspiring and improving your creative writing, and helping you reach your writing goals.

⦁ For businesses, engaging and SEO content of your product/service that’ll generate you leads and turn them into customers.

⦁ For both businesses and writers, content that’ll bring you both together, and help you reach your goals — whether that’s writing an epic novel, or growing your business and sharing a great product.


The starting rate per project is typically between $200 – $600.

The exact price varies based on project size and complexity.

Please contact me below for a quote.