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Mariah Brewer

Hi, I’m Mariah (they/them), and I’m a freelance writer/blogger for hire. I specialize in creative writing guides and B2C blog posts.

Are you a fellow writer with a desire to start or improve your writing? Want to learn the ins and outs of creative writing?

Are you a business with a writing product or service? Looking to generate leads and increase your customer base?

Well, hi! It’s nice to meet you. I’d love to help you become the writer (or provider of writers) of your dreams!

If you’re a writer, check out my blog if you’re ready to take that first step into writing that masterpiece waiting in your brain.

If you’re a company, use the contact form below, and I’ll write you content that brings in leads and creates consumers.

If you’re a business, contact me here:

If you’re a writer, read my blog here:

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For businesses, I provide you with:

  • Digestible, well-organized content that’s easy and fun for your audience.
  • Engaging SEO content that’ll generate leads for your product or service.
  • Strategic, well-researched content that’ll turns those leads to customers.

For fellow writers, I provide you with:

  • How-to guides discussing organizing and technical aspects of writing.
  • Tips on staying focused, consistent, and pushing past writer’s block.
  • Lists of tools and services for writing, and publishers where you can submit something.

My other work:

3 Things Stopping You from Writing (and How to Start Now!)

I can’t wait to help your business reach more people! Send me a message, and I’ll get back to you in about 2-3 business days.