UPDATE: Mini Posts Throughout December So I Can Catch Up

Well, hello hello!

If you’re looking at your calendar and thinking, “Hey, wait. You just posted, why’s there another one?”

Because, as the title and thumbnail say, this is a short update post!

I’ve been slowly trying to redo my website. I’ve been really learning what type of content I like writing for the past year and a half, and I’ve learned a more specific niche for this creative writing blog.

So I’ve been trying to update my website and social media to reflect that change, on top of deciding what socials I actually want to keep up with in the new year. ‘Cause I went a little too hard by making accounts on four platforms (maybe five, if you count Redbubble) that I procrastinated using partly because there were so many.

And I want to get that all sorted before the new year!

So why am I telling you this?

Because I’m not going to post anything on the final Monday of the month, I’m going to have three mini-posts for (hopefully) every Monday in December!

This may sound like more work, but I’m making REALLY simple posts. Some of it is reiterating information that’s been on this blog before, but given its own post to live in.

I’m trying to make posts that are easy and simple for me, but still relevant to readers who either haven’t seen this information or need a reminder.

‘Cause, to be honest, the other option was to not post in December at all.

And I didn’t really wanna do that.

Hopefully, this is an okay middle ground.

If anyone hates it, you can absolutely ignore the December posts, and I’ll see you again in the new year!

Thanks as always for reading, enjoy your holiday season, and happy writing!

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