6 Inexpensive, Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for the Writers in Your Life (Only Around $10 USD!)

Hello, hello, and happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a lovely December.

This time of year can be stressful, and gift-giving can just be a giant pain sometimes.

You wanna make sure everyone gets something, and hopefully not break the bank.

Plus, at the time of this post’s publishing, there are only four more days to get everything you need in order.

So, at this point, you can’t even order anything in time.

And you wanna make sure the writer in your life is getting something useful and thoughtful.

So what kind of inexpensive gifts can you get this close to Christmas?

Well, today I have a list of 6 inexpensive, last-minute Christmas gifts for the writers in your life!

These items are sure to be of use to your writer, and don’t require you to empty your wallet.

All these items are more or less $10 (USD), but the prices may vary depending on where you live.

Also, none of these are affiliate links, and I am not currently sponsored. I just recommend things that either I use or I believe to be useful.

With that outta the way, let’s take a look at our options.

1. Sticky notes

Wait, sticky notes?

Yes, sticky notes.

These innocuous little notes are a nice, inexpensive gift that’s both practical and thoughtful.

If you wanna support your writer in their endeavors, sticky notes are a simple way to help them along.

They’re good for planning, outlining, and random note-taking during the creative writing process.

Plus, if your writer is also a reader, they work for keeping notes (and not damaging the pages) while they’re reading books, as well!

On the U.S. official Post-It website, you can find where they might be available near you.

While you’re on a product page, you can click the big, red “WHERE TO BUY” button, and it’ll bring up a map (with a little bar where you can enter your zip code) that’ll show where an item is available.

2. Pens

Obviously, if you’re gonna take a lot of notes, or hand-write anything during your writing process, you’re gonna need a pen or pencil!

You can get pens and/or pencils, it entirely depends on what your particular writer prefers.

As for a type of pen, I personally really like the Uni-Ball Vision Elite Pens.

They do smudge kinda easily, but the ink flows without any trouble. I haven’t had a moment where I’ve had to switch out a pen or scribble a bunch to get ink to flow with these pens.

That being said, because of the smudging, they’re not great for left-handed writers.

So if the person in question is left-handed, I’ve found a post talking about pens that would work best for a left-handed person!

This post also includes writing accessories, fast-drying notebooks, pencils, etc.

3. Notebooks

This one seems obvious, you need a place to use all those pens and pencils.

It’s useful having a place for all their ideas, planning, brainstorming, and maybe even hand-writing some of their story.

Whatever they need it for, a notebook is a great tool for putting down those precious words.

There are many stores that have just plain ol’ spiral-bound notebooks or composition notebooks.

And those work just fine.

They’re simple and inexpensive.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, that might be a bit more expensive.

Notebooks (or journals) with hardcovers, intricate designs, embossing, a clasp or magnet for closing, and ribbon bookmarks all add up in terms of cost.

Not always a lot, but a bit more than $10.

Flame Tree Publishing has some lovely notebooks if you’re looking for a hardcover notebook with beautiful art on the cover.

Just make sure what you’re looking at is the notebooks and not an address book or calendar. They sell those with similar designs on them, too.

It might be too late to order them, but you can find them on Amazon, Flame Tree’s official website, and some book store websites like Barnes & Noble.

They do have them available in some brick and mortar bookstores, so it might be worth it to call around.

You can also go the binder route.

You can fill up a binder with some loose-leaf (or filler) paper, and give that to your writer.

Having a binder where you can take out and switch around pages is really helpful for organizing your thoughts.

They’re also fun ’cause you can personalize them by adding a photograph or drawing in the binder’s plastic slipcover.

You can usually find these in office supply stores or some grocery stores with an office supply section.

4. Coffee & tea

What more is there to say?

I don’t think you could go wrong with giving your writer the thing that gets them up in the morning.

Or a boost in the afternoon slog.

Or maybe your person just likes hot drinks. In which case, hot chocolate could work as well.

The only thing I’d say is to make sure that they can drink these things.

Not everyone can handle coffee, some may not like it, and some could be allergic to either tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (or the ingredients in some blends).

So it’s always a good idea to check first.

In addition to asking about their dietary needs, it’s a good idea to ask what their favorite flavors might be.

I can’t really recommend a flavor or brand just because I don’t know the person in question.

And again, the person could have allergies or dietary needs.

This is one where you’re either gonna have to ask or have a peek in their kitchen.

5. Mugs

Well, your writer’s gonna need something to put all their hot drinks in.

Mugs can come in a variety of styles and sizes for every person in your life.

They can be one or any color imaginable, some can have a letter for your writer’s name, and some can come in fun shapes.

Some can be short, and some can be bowl-sized.

It’s whatever fits your budget, and your writer’s wants.

A simple way to find mugs you’ll like in your area is this:

If you search for “mugs” on Google, hit the “shopping tab” under the search bar, then on the left you can pick to have it “Available nearby,” and you can see what mugs are available near you.

You can also select what price range you’re looking for.

There’s also thrift or second-hand stores that can carry mugs.

There’s honestly such a huge variety of mugs that I’m sure you can find one to fit your writer’s wants and needs.

6. Comfy, Novelty Socks

Having a pair of fun socks, especially during the colder months, is always a nice addition to your person’s writing time.

Unless they hate socks, and particularly novelty socks, then maybe skip this one.

Whether it’s fuzzy socks, socks with a cute print, or socks from a fandom your writer likes: it’s nice to have a fun pair of socks along their writing journey.

Plus, it can be thoughtful if you know your writer likes something in particular, and the socks have that kind of pattern, animal, color, or fandom: it feels a little extra special.

Again, same with the mugs, if you search “novelty socks” or “(insert fandom here) socks” on Google, hit the “shopping tab” under the search bar, then on the left you can pick to have it “Available nearby,” and you can see what mugs are available near you.

And again, you can select a price range to fit your needs.

And that’s it!

These are the 6 inexpensive, last-minute Christmas gifts you can get for the writer in your life.

The types of presents you can get at this point are limited and simple, but those simple things are also incredibly helpful and thoughtful.

Writers don’t just need laptops, website domains, and editors.

Although those things are also incredibly important, writers also just need more paper and pens.

And if you’ve been stumped on what to get, want something inexpensive, or don’t have much time left: these are a few things to help you along.

I hoped you’ve all been inspired, and found something you can get for the writer(s) in your life.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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