Announcement: My Redbubble Shop is Finally Complete! Come Check Out a Variety of Watercolor Designs On Notebooks, Mugs, Stickers, and Other Items to Join You on Your Creative Writing Journey!

Well, hello hello, everyone!

Today I’m announcing something I’ve been working on since November 2020. Technically, it was already open a few months ago, but then I went and made some adjustments.

Now I finally get to introduce my Redbubble shop!

It’s filled with all sorts of items such as notebooks, mugs, stickers, and other items for your creative writing journey!

All items are adorned with cute, colorful watercolor designs. I have several themes such as desserts, fruit, and the solar system!

I also carry apparel, bedding, phone cases, and a variety of bags and backpacks.

Anything you could need to make your writing space more colorful and comfortable, other than a magical potion to make writer’s block go away.

I’ll leave some images and links below so you can peruse to your heart’s content.

I also made a Pinterest board with everything linked and images ready for peepin’.

If none of this is interesting to you, don’t worry, I’ll have more creative writing guides and lists coming back on August 30th.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

Click here for the Pinterest Board, and click here for my Redbubble shop!

Or just take a look below at what I have available.

Various watercolor designs on spiral notebooks and hardcover journals by Mariah Brewer.

At 120 pages of 90gsm paper stock, you can capture all your creative writing ideas (big or small) in these inspiring pages!

Both notebooks and journals can come in ruled line or graph paper, and journals have the option of blank paper.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, these notebooks (6″ x 8″/15.25 x 20.3 cm) and journals (5.2″ x 7.3″/13.2 x 18.6cm) can help carry your stories wherever life takes you.

Click here for all the notebook and journal options!

Various watercolor designs as sticker packs (by Mariah Brewer).

With their Removable, kiss-cut vinyl and water-resistance, these stickers will make your creative writing space more fun!

The sizes come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. So no matter where you wanna add some color, there’s a size for anything and everything. They also come in a glossy, matte, and transparent finish.

Whether you’re finishing your first novel or starting your first poem, let’s make that experience more fun!

Click here for all the sticker pack options!

Various watercolor designs on mugs and bottles by Mariah Brewer.

These dishwasher-safe mugs can hold 11oz./325ml to 15oz./443ml, providing you can with plenty of coffee or tea to come on your creative writing quests (or to reheat for the 50th time).

You can have your drink on the go as well with our travel mugs! There are also several hand wash, 20oz/590ml, stainless steel bottles. With a leak-proof lid and nice durability, you can have all the water you need for your epic writing adventures.

Click here for all the mug and bottle options!

Do you need a (safe) change of scenery for creative writing?

Do you need more space to carry all your creative writing tools?

Well, at our Redbubble shop, we have a variety of watercolor designs on several bags, backpacks, and pouches (created by Mariah Brewer)!

Want a place for all your pens and pencils? We have small zipper pouches for that!

Want space for a notebook or two? Whether you want a tote, drawstring, backpack, or duffle bag; we have any type you could need for your writing journey!

Click here for all the bag, backpack, and pouch options!

Trying to make a small, comfortable corner your safe haven for creative writing?

Then how about trying our various home décor and bedding items with watercolor designs (by Mariah Brewer).

From pillow covers to throw blankets to clocks and coasters, we have everything you need to make a comfortable and colorful writing space.

For you, your drinks, and your writing.

We also have magnets to place on your fridge or magnetic whiteboard. Hang up to-do lists to stay on top of all your writing goals!

Click here for all the home décor and bedding options!

Prefer doing your creative writing on a phone while you’re (safely) out and about?

Maybe you like to write on your laptop comfortably from the couch.

Well, at our Redbubble shop, we have a variety of watercolor designs on electronics’ cases, skins, and sleeves (by Mariah Brewer).

There are various device options such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Macbooks.

While writing your big project, you can have these cute and colorful designs to help inspire your creativity on the go!

Click here for all the electronics’ skin, case, and sleeve options!

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